API as a Service

Query multiple blockchains with consistent requests and responses. Lunar runs Rosetta Nodes, which use a standardized set of requests and responses, no matter the blockchain.

Supporting major blockchains plus more coming soon.


Simple Unified API

Lunar gives you a unified rosetta compliant API to get all the data you need from different blockchains.

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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Lunar gives you a unified easy to use API endpoint with awesome features.

Awesome Free Tier
Call any testnet environment APIs for free using our free tier.
Access Multiple Blockchains
Access multiple blockchains through a single API endpoint.
Multiple API Keys
Create multiple API keys for different purposes
Restricted API Keys
Manage permissions for the API keys and restrict them by domain or duration.
Pay as you Go Pricing
Transparent and simple pay as you go pricing that scales with your use case.
Rosetta Compliant
We are Rosetta compliant API. Learn More here
Track Usage Analytics
Track all your API key usage metrics and analytics from a single dashboard.
Secure Offline Nodes
Rosetta compliant offline nodes with no outbound internet access for construction APIs


Simple no-tricks pricing

Use the free tier to test out your apps in any testnet blockchains and get the pay as you go plan when you are ready for production.


Call any of the testnet nodes for free

  • Free Testnet API requests

  • Upto 1 API Keys per account

  • 5 requests / second rate limit

  • No daily limits

  • 10000 requests / month limit


Pay only for the number of mainnet API request

  • $0.005 per Mainnet API requests

  • Free Testnet API requests

  • Volume discounts above 50k API calls

  • Upto 5 API keys per account

  • No daily or monthly limits

  • Domain secure API keys